The Campbeltown Dram Taster Gift Set
The Campbeltown Dram Gift Set
 Dram Taster Set with Haris Tweed for glassware
Whisky dram holder with Glencairn glass and water jug
The Campbeltown Dram Gift Set with bottle of whisky
The Campbeltown Dram Whisky Barrel Stave Gift
The Campbeltown Dram Gift Set complete
Scottish pewter stag on whisky barrel dram taster
Whisky Barrel Gifts

Campbeltown Dram Taster With Glencairn Glass & Water Jug

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The Campbeltown Dram Gift Set is an individually crafted dram taster gift. Handmade in Scotland from an aged oak whisky barrel,t makes wonderful luxury gift for any occasion or whisky collection.

Your favourite whisky sits proudly in the centre with a Glencairn water jug on the left and a Glencairn whisky glass on the right. All glassware sits upon authentic Harris Tweed inserts.

This whisky lover's gift is finished with a traditional Scottish pewter stag.

Ideal as a centre piece for your table or mantlepiece or to add character and traditon to your home bar.

What's included in this Whisky lover's gift?

 The Campbelltown Dram set includes - 

  • Original oak whisky barrel dram holder
  • Glencairn water jug
  • Glencairn whisky glass
  • Harris Tweed inserts for glassware
  • Scottish pewter stag

Please note that the whisky bottle is used only as an example. You can add your favourite bottle of malt or blended whisky to finish off the gift set.

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