About Us

Whisky gift sets are located in the Scottish Borders. We supply luxury gifts individually created from the components of vintage oak Scottish whisky barrels. All of our products are handmade locally. Every care is taken to ensure that only the best staves from the cask are chosen to create our whisky lover's gift sets.

A whisky barrel stave can be up to 50 years old with its own history. We like to think that history is continued when the vintage oak barrel is formed into an exquisite gift.

About our whisky gifts

Our whisky gift collections make the perfect wedding gift, birthday present or christmas presentfor the whisky or whiskey enthusiast.. They are made from the barrel tops or outside staves of Scotch whisky barrels.

We think these look better as they are lighter in colour and are not charred during the cooperage process. The outer staves have a natural upward curve which lets the gift set sit proudly as the centre piece of any mantle, dinner table or whisky collection.

Dram tasters

Dram tasting sets make a perfect individual gift for those that love a malt or blended whisky. Handmade using a stave, which is sanded to a fine finish then treated with oil and beeswax, these gift sets are complemented with a Scottish pewter stag and add tradition and character to any setting.

Each dram holder holds a Glencairn water jug and / or a number of whisky tumblers. Harris tweed is inserted into the recesses where the water jug and tumblers sit.

Dram gift collections

Dram sets are larger than the dram tasting range. These are created from the whisky stave and come with a water jug and Glencairn glasses. The Dram sets have recesses for for your favourite bottle to sit in. These are lined with authentic Harris Tweed. 

Island whisky sets

Each Island piece has whisky bungs for feet and has been created from the top of an authentic Scotch whisky barrel finished to a high standard. Recesses have been created for your favourite bottle of whisky, glasses and water jug (dependent on particular style). These spaces are lined with real Harris Tweed and the whole gift set is complemented by a pewter stag..

Bottle holders

Monroe bottle holders are created using the aged oak Scottish whisky barrel tops and staves. Tradition and workmanship combine to create a fine luxury gift for the whsky enthusiast. These can be used to hold your favourite drink including bottles of wine or whisky.

Candle & tea light holders

Light up any dinner table or mantlepiece with tea lights or candles. Ideal for weddings and other special occasions.