5 Best Christmas Gifts For Whisky Lovers

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Christmas gifts with whisky glass

Our top whisky gifts for him or her at Christmas

If you are looking for a special gift for him or her this Christmas but are short on ideas, why not take a look at these 5 unique whisky barrel gifts? Each one has been created from a vintage oak Scotch whisky barrel and combines quality craftmanship with tradition. These whisky lovers' gift sets are individually handmade and finished with Harris tweed and a Scottish pewter stag.

1. Jura Whisky Barrel Gift Set

Jura Whisky Gift Set

Created from the straight centre of a reclaimed whisky barrel the Jura gift set has four whisky bungs for feet. The superbly finished base is complemented with a pewter stag and comes with a Glencairn water jug and 3 Glencairn whisky glasses. Perfect for those cosy nights in with friends or family.

The set contains a recess for your favourite malt or blended whisky which, along with the other glassware,rests upon authentic Harris Tweed. This piece is certainly not something you would find in many shops on the high street and makes the perfect Christas gift for men and women who love a wee dram.

2. Arran Whisky Platter

Arran Whisky Platter

The Arran whisky platter is created from a vintage oak whisky barrel. It has two wrought iron handles and whisky bungs for feet. The gift comes with two whisky tumblers and is fiinished with rivots and a pewter stag.

This gift is perfect as a sharing platter or as a centre piece for the Christmas dinner table. It can be used as a cheeseboard or as a sharing platter for your favourite festive snacks.

3. Lowland Dram Set

Lowland dram gift set

The Lowland dram gift set makes the perfect Xmas present for the individual who knows and loves their whisky. Made from the stave of a vintaged barrel it still contains the original markings on the wood so each one is unique.

The set comes with a Glencairn water jug and glass, with space for a bottle of the finest whisky. The piece is finished with a stag and Harris Tweed inserts for all glassware.

4. The Speyside Dram Holder Gift Set

Speyside Whisky Set

The Speyside Whisky Gift Set is a perfect festive gift for those who like to enjoy a dram with friends and family. Created from a vintage oak cask, the wood still retains its original character.

This gift comes with 4 distillery nip glasses with tweed inserts. There is space for a special malt or blended whisky. whish is also lined with real Harris tweed. This luxury gift makes and whisky lover's collection complete.

5. The Lewis Whisky Gift Set

Lewis whisky gift

The Lewis Whisky Gift Set is individually hand made from a cottish whisky barrel top. It proudly sits upon four whisky bung feet and comes with two Glencairn whisky tumblers and a water jug. There is a space for a bottle of whisky. All recesses are lined with tweed. This set is also finished with authentic rivots and a pewter stag.

The Lewis is a beautiful crafted gift which makes the ideal Christmas gift or centre piece for any Xmas table. A perfect present for whisky lovers.