• Whisky Gift Set

Handmade Whisky Barrel Gifts For Whisky Lovers - Order up until Wednesday 19th for Xmas delivery.

Luxury whisky barrel gifts individually handcrafted from aged Scottish whisky barrels. Each product is individually handmade in Scotland from used oak whisky barrel tops and staves. Excellent workmanship and tradition combine to create the perfect whisky gift set for the connoisseur. Our whisky gift sets also make memorable presents for weddings and special occasions. All island gift sets and dram holders come with Glencairn or distillery dram whisky glasses that sit upon Harris Tweed inserts.

Whisky barrels in the distilling process

The process of distilling fine Scottish malt whisky is an art which has been passed down through generations since ancient times. The name whisky derives from the Scottish Gaelic term "uisge beatha" meaning The Water Of Life.

Each whisky distillery has its own secret method of creating the subtle aromas and character which contribute to the unique flavour of their single malts. A crucial part of that process is the specific whisky barrel, or cask, in which the spirit is matured. Distinct flavour is added during the aging process by reusing oak barrels which have previously contained whisky or sherry.

Our whisky barrel gifts

Each aged whisky cask has a life of its own and a story to tell. We like to think that story is continued by creating handcrafted gifts from reclaimed vintage barrels.

Our traditional whisky barrel gift sets, candle holders and dram tasting sets make the perfect gift for weddings and special occasions. They also add character and tradition to any whisky lover's collection. All of our products are hand made in Scotland using the original components from aged oak barrels. All you have to add is your favourite Malt or blended whisky.